It’s just a Saddle, right?

Western, Trail, Barrels, Roping, English, Aussie, Hunter, Jumper, Equitation?

Are you considering a new horse? Or are you new to the sport? Then I’m guessing you are also considering a new saddle or two as well.  If you ride multiple disciplines or multiple horses that also compounds the decision.  We’ll take a look at how speciality saddles can affect your experience and your horse’s experience in many ways.

First Timer?

No matter how many horses you’ve seen on TV or the Movies (I grew up during Mr. Ed, Trigger and John Wayne Westerns, Bonanza and many others), nothing changes the fact that every horse is larger and stronger than you are.  Even if you’re as big as Hoss!  So, spend some time, watch, listen, and INVEST in someone proficient to guide you in your first experience and then do your best to actually take their advice.  This goes for every age, every experience and every rider.  And for parents of underage riders too!  My first horse was a 3 year old unbroke Registered Arabian Filly.  Thankfully, I also found Kathy & Michael Troxler with that experience and I began riding Kathy’s 4H, Local Saddle Club Champion Appaloosa Smokey!  She was totally the opposite of my pretty little, flashy liver chestnut flaxen mane high white mare, Avjem Granada.  And we had FUN!  All of us!  Family was included (of course) because someone needed to drive the truck and hook a trailer and soon my PRIZE POSSESSION Granada was living up in Woodland Park at Fantasia Arabians with Dora Wolfe.  More fun there, but we’ll save that for later!  Thankfully, Kathy and Mike, KNEW to take things one step at a time!  And do it over and over!  That didn’t keep me from getting dumped big time one evening in April 1984 in the dry lot behind Dora’s huge barn.  I had even lunged my mare, had a great fitting saddle and “thought” I knew what I was doing.  Well, she spooked and went to bucking and I was ON MY BACK gasping for air in about 3 seconds.  Given the situation, I was dang lucky to have come off clean and once I got my air and ego in check, Dora popped me back up (YES, I was shaking big time) and made sure Granada walked me out and vice versa for about 30 minutes.  I never forgot that lesson, and I’ve been on some pretty unexpected “crazy” horses over the years.  In fact, I usually prefer them!